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Vistaprint Review

vistaprint-logoWhile some printing companies are limited by their options to printing items such as business cards, postcards or envelopes, Vistaprint, one of the largest and fastest growing services in the industry, have taken their business one step further with the addition of numerous unique items and highly advantageous offers available to suit the requirements of businesses and regular individuals alike.

Product choice

Vistaprint has been providing numerous, high quality printable products for almost two decades, becoming one of the leading online printing services. Here is a short list of just some of these:

  • Calendars and stationary items like notebooks, envelopes, letterheads and a host of other quality products;
  • Business cards – ranging from free, basic cards to pricier options for metallic finishes, network cards or folded business cards;
  • Clothing accessories such as t-shirts available in all sizes with personalized printed texts provided with a variety of unique, well-crafted design templates;
  • Personalized thank you cards and invitation announcements for any occasions, including holidays or birthdays;
  • Marketing products such as flyers, brochures, posters, lawn signs, banners and much more.

Additional marketing resources are also available, including free websites, email marketing support or online guides and business cards.

Customization options

Upon the ordering and delivery of each item or set of products you buy from Vistaprint, you get comprehensive customization options that are unique for each selection in part. You have a wide range of choices for the templates to select for both the front and back of your printed product and the ability to preview a fully personalized sample for the finished version of your business card, t-shirt, banner – or any other order you may be interested in.

Template choice

The templates vary greatly from one product to another, and whereas for business cards, design options may differ, banner, poster and sign templates may also vary in size, shape or the selection of various, unique options specific to the product in question.

The templates can be chosen at checkout, and depending on the size, colour and quality of the finish, small additional fees may be added to the initial price (such as 1.66 pounds for full-colour printing).

Customer service Test

As it often happens when it comes to large companies, the experience that customers have with the service largely depends not only on the scale, price and diversity ordered products, but on the complexity of the project and the requested quality level.

In most cases, however, the experts at Vistaprint have been proficient in delivering products on time, and customer support has usually been responsive to callers’ demands regarding any issues that may have come up either with the delivery or the quality of the printing.

Reviews online

As a fully online business, Vistaprint has had its share of both positive and negative reviews written by different customers over the years. The fact that they’ve lasted so long and that they continue to provide good quality, diversified services for a price that’s more than fair has been reflected through the feedback of many clients who have used their services on a long term basis.

A large number of the company’s products, such as premium business cards, banners, thank you cards or menus have received an impressive amount of praise from most clients. Some of the cheaper offers have also brought a small number of negative reviews as a result of a few small errors or checkout related confusions.


The price of the service is among the most praised advantages you can get from Vistaprint, as many of the products come with varied offers for any budget, and some are even provided free of charge.

You do get what you pay for, of course, so in order to get the most beautiful designs and detail options, you may have to choose some of the slightly more expensive business card templates, however, even these are generally available at prices lower than 30 pounds for a set of 250.


Shipping is handled in a highly professional manner at Vistaprint, with almost all deliveries arriving in a generally short time span.

VAT exemptions are applied to most of the Vistaprint products you will find on the website, and rush delivery is also available in with the amount of time required for shipping items in most US locations being below three business days.

Special offers

Vistaprint has a variety of printed products to offer at a discount, ranging from loyalty cards, appointment cards or premium business cards to t-shirts, signs and even stress balls.

Generally the amount of the discount is about 20% although it can fluctuate based on the offer itself. Purchases are VAT free, and they may be provided either as vouchers or time-limited offers mostly made available for short, one-day periods.

Product Samples

You will find a wide assortment of differences between similar products on the official Vistaprint website, many of them being accurately portrayed through visual depictions.

Pictures and videos will show you the difference in quality between regular, gloss or metallic finishes, and the t-shirt, banner or marketing sign samples are shown through clear, high resolution images that present even the smallest details associated with the design, colour and quality of the finish.

Website’s ease of use

The website itself is quite large, and there are numerous sections to browse through which might seem confusing to some. The large drop-down menu, however, presents lists of all the products neatly organized and easily accessible by any visitor.

The site is quick and responsive, and there are also sections showing detailed offers including some of the most popular and well-known Vistaprint products such as their business cards, marketing materials or photo products.

Customizing and ordering your products is also made quite convenient with real time previews and the options of choosing your desired template or whether you need full colour printing or not.

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