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StressFreePrint Review

stressfreeprint-logo While StressFreePrint may seem like any other printing service, the company’s unique, fun and overall modern approach to printing, proficient and highly professional services and beautiful, high standard printed products place it far above many of its competitors.

Product Choice

The company’s products are extremely customizable, featuring many options that are unavailable anywhere else (at least not all of them in the same place). Following are a few of the most popular and well-designed products supplied by the StressFreePrint printing service:

  • A wide variety of flat and foldable leaflets and flyers featuring numerous customization options and stunning finishes;
  • Products designed specifically for business promotions, including business cards, restaurant menus, business folders and business stationary items;
  • Large posters and beautiful brochures and booklets using either design elements and full artwork created by the company or supplied by clients;
  • Invitations and seasonal greeting cards or calendars for every occasion.

Customization Options

From shifting to a larger size of your product to having a designer completely alter the layout and artwork to make your cards, flyers or posters as presentable as possible, there are numerous customization details you can change:

  • You can choose between a wide assortment of paper weights, finishes and lamination options.
  • Sizes are highly customizable, and they may vary depending on the product. Leaflets and flyers, for instance, may include A5, A4, A3 and custom sizes.
  • Foldable products can also present a number of different types of folds.
  • You can even select the preferred printing process between digital or letho or let the company choose for you.

Submitting your own artwork is also easy, and the StressFreePrint website has a special page that talks about the file formats and specific tools you can use to upload a design that the company experts can easily use.

Template Choice

The templates made available by the service can easily be viewed before you place your order, so if you don’t think it’s the best, you can conveniently go back and change it by altering the size, finish, paper, colours, lamination or anything else that the customization process might allow for.

For best results, the company can assign a professional designer to create specific artwork and templates according to your own particular instructions.

Customer Service Test

The service provided by the printing company has been highly rated on review sites, and many have commended the timely email alerts, helpful live online support lines and fast turnaround. The responsiveness of the automated online ordering tools and the reliability of the return/reprint policy have also gained a fair amount of popularity among the company’s clients.

Reviews Online

A large number of online reviews have been written by satisfied customers who have used one or more of the company’s services. They mostly consider the services to be highly efficient, fast and well-executed, with very few exceptions.

The A5 and A6 leaflets and flyers have topped the list of the most loved products provided by the company, while many also enjoyed the quality of their business cards and large format posters.


The prices showcased on StressFreePrint are highly competitive, featuring starting ranging between 15-30 pounds for basic, 25 set flat business cards, flyers or postcards, and costs generally lower than 50-60 pounds when it comes to custom designs fitted with refined finishes and offered for the same (or similar) offers.

An additional fee will be required if you need StressFreePrint to provide you with a designer for your artwork. Also, adding high end gloss lamination or enhanced colour options on both sides of your postcard, flyer or other product may increase the price to a small extent.


When it comes to the delivery options they provide, the company is extremely clear and thorough. Free deliveries are provided in the case of all onshore UK locations, while the service also supports free shipping to a few offshore locations (postcodes are provided on the website).

Also, there are several steps that the company will take to ensure proper delivery:

  • A one hour delivery window is provided during which you can pick up your shipment.
  • The company will send confirmation emails to make sure the details regarding the delivery and the time window are accurate.
  • An overnight currier is used in order to make sure your shipment arrives on time.
  • The driver will try to deliver your products the next working day in the case of a failed attempt.

You can also track your shipment at any time with the comprehensive and reliable system provided in your private account on the StressFreePrint website.

Special Offers

Promotional offers are outlined in detailed on the website, generally featuring low-cost postcards, bookmarks, fly posters, tent cards or banner stands. Occasional special offers also apply to other products if you buy a certain amount – for instance, a set of 1000 leaflets or flyers of a specific size or 500 business cards. These offers are, however, subject to change.

Product Samples

Viewing samples on StressFreePrint is quite easy, and instead of having to go all the way through the customization process on the ordering page, you can just access the description page of a specific product to get a general idea of what it looks like.

For instance, when you click on the menu option “Business Cards”, aside from an informative description of the product, you will also see a beautifully designed slider that shows several different finishes for either standard or laminated cards.

Website’s Ease of Use

The website is one of the most fun and comprehensive online tools you will ever find. Aside from the fact that its design is very clean and colourful, making it easy for visitors to find just what they were looking for, the site also provides detailed information on how to order products, what the requirements are for submitting your own artwork or any other considerations about promotional and seasonal offers.

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