Wednesday , 10 August 2022
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Saxoprint Review

saxoprint-logoSaxoprint provides online printing services for information media and advertising. The company’s specialists are keen to advise and support their customers, using their knowledge and skills in the creation and production of items that have considerably enriched the portfolio of products that the company can print.

Starting with the simple flyers, and ending with more complicated booklets, calendars or posters, Saxoprint has the resources and know how to deliver perfect products on a budget and within a reasonable deadline.

Variety of Products

The company offers a large choice of printed items, such as: business cards, flyers, folded leaflets, postcards, posters, brochures, greeting cards, or wall and desk calendars. They may be made with a noble matte or glossy finish. Large-format presses, which allow optimised set-up times as well as extremely accurate gauge-pins are used. A UV coating machine provides the products with a durable protective layer and a brilliant aspect.

Customization Options

Once you have chosen a product on the company’s website, you will be presented a set of parameters with several values to choose from, so that the final product may look exactly the way you want it to. You can select the size, number of pages, type of paper or other material to print on, colour mode, one or two side printing, type of binding, number of copies, and other parameters, specific to a particular type of printed product.

Template Choice

Several templates are available for you to choose from when you intend to order a certain product. They are easy to use and there are also detailed specifications on how to handle them as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe PDF documents.

The wide range of templates covers several types of documents that can be ordered, such as standard and square formats, special formats dedicated to DVD booklets, rear of postcards, and business cards, cover pages of brochures, desk pads and notepads, and packaging materials.

Customer Service

Once you register as a new customer on Saxoprint’s website, you can be sure that you will be treated with a maximum of attention and consideration. Your registration and login are SSL secured, and your personal data will only be used for order processing purposes and will never be made public.

Shopping instructions are available on the website, including order processing, complaints procedures, and information on the customer’s right of withdrawal. You can also subscribe to a newsletter that will let you know about exclusive offers and interesting news. Saxoprint also powers a very interesting blog related to printing issues.


Thanks to their equipping with powerful, state of the art machinery, Saxoprint can deliver top-quality products that will not cost you a fortune. Prices are reasonable compared to what the competition charges, because the machines and the highly qualified staff of the company work efficiently. Saxoprint provides high quality products to their clients at attractive price-performance ratios.


Shipping costs to a single address are included in the price of the product, but it is possible to have your products sent to several addresses, if you assume paying additional costs. Your products may be subject to standard shipping procedures, which require two or three days, or to express procedures, which can be finished in one or two days.

Special Offers

Special offers are available for certain products in particular circumstances. They are announced on the company’s website. For example, you could enjoy a 5% discount for wall calendars ordered before mid-September each year. All you have to do is to check the main page of the site and profit from the discounts that are posted there.

Product Samples

To convince you of the exceptional quality of their prints, Saxoprint may send you print samples at no cost for you. Any print sample pack includes several samples of paper, art print paper – with silk and gloss finish, fluorescent paper, affiche paper and postcard board. By viewing these samples, you can get an idea about how the product you want to order will look like. However, you are warned that slight quality deviations may occur between the sample and the final product, because paper is a natural product and the company works with several suppliers.


The company’s website was designed to be simple, but easy to use. It contains the necessary information about each product that you may order, as well as the procedures that any client should follow when ordering a product, posting a complaint, or simply withdrawing. Every detail of these procedures is explained, so that you should not face any difficulty in following them.

A special section is dedicated to the use of the available templates, which make your work easier when you choose a product and you want it printed. Detailed instructions are meant to explain thoroughly the steps that a client should take to obtain the desired result.

Website’s Ease of Use

The website is easy to navigate and can provide the information that a user asks for in a matter of a few mouse clicks. The menus are self-explanatory and it is not at all difficult to find exactly what you are searching for.

All the available products are exposed in a matrix on the main page, and clicking on any category will lead you to another page, where you can choose a sub-category, depending on the finishes. Another click of the mouse will present a page where you can choose the specific parameters of your order, from data related to the product itself to data regarding the time of completion, delivery method and shipping addresses.

After choosing all the parameters, you can press a button to calculate the final price. If you want to order, you only have to add the product to your virtual basket and, eventually, order a new product.

Customers’ Reviews

There is no section dedicate to customer reviews, but any client may contact the company through a friendly contact form. The little information available on various forums points to a reliable company, high quality services and prompt delivery.

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  • Kat Gibson

    Avoid at all costs. Very cheap but terrible quality and not a user-friendly process at all. Uploading images for greetings cards took about ten attempts before they were accepted despite fitting perfectly with their provided templates. Orders took much longer to arrive than stated times. First order arrived with serious printing errors (wonky white lines at the edges of the front of the greetings cards! Looked horrendous!) but when I gave them a second chance the order arrived VERY pixelated (the images uploaded were good quality so this was unexpected) and in the wrong order!! There is also no way of changing images once they have been uploaded unless they get rejected by Saxoprint; the £2 PDF proof doesn’t give any indication of size or colour or print quality so isn’t worth doing; the website is not user-friendly at all – and the customer service is possibly the worst I’ve ever come across. KEEP AWAY.