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Pulse Print Review

PulsePrintLogo Pulse Print is a print management company specialised in both lithographic and digital printing. They offer a wide range of services that begin with the design of the documents and end with their distribution.

As a company with experience in the field, Pulse Print can handle any requirement related to printing, from simple orders for business cards or flyers to printed clothing and stationary. Their clients’ portfolio lists corporations and small companies, as well as individual clients. The staff is well trained and helpful, ready to assist clients with everything they need, allowing them to save precious time, but also money, at the same time benefiting from the best printing services on the market.

Variety of Products

You can order everything you need at Pulse Print, from brochures, flyers, folded leaflets, booklets, posters, stickers, tickets and business cards to letterheads, compliment slips, desk pads, banners, calendars, menus, newsletters, CD and DVD booklets or catalogues, not to mention printings on objects like T-shirts, hoodies, wristbands and lanyards. You can even order items that are not on their list, and they will find a way to meet your needs.

Customization Options

For every category of printed items, you can choose between different options that refer to the physical characteristics of the product, such as size, format, colour mode, number of copies, and finish versions.

Template Choice

The company does not offer templates, but detailed guidelines are available, describing how your artwork should be prepared for printing.

Customer Service

Pulse Print is also a broker company, ensuring the connection between customers and a large network of printing companies. Since professional printing equipment is very expensive – several million pounds – it is practically impossible for a company to specialise in many types of printing, various types of products, and handle large number of copies at the same time.

Due to competition reasons, however, many printing companies accept orders that are not suitable to their equipment. When that happens, the results are, usually, poor quality products that will finally be rejected by the customer.

Unlike these companies, Pulse Print manages to make the ends meet, ensuring that each order is processed in the best conditions, even if that means turning to the services of another company.


Another benefit of the cooperation with a print management company is that you can obtain the best quality-price ratio, because they will choose the best provider for the particular type of printed item and quality you need, negotiating the lowest prices possible. More than that, large orders and returning clients may benefit from significant discounts.


Delivery is ensured by courier and the cost is included in the price of the product. Turnaround times are usually of two or three working days for product delivery at any address inside the United Kingdom.

Special Offers

The Print Passport is the main offer at Pulse Print. By paying a three-month or yearly fee, you can save money on the printing costs. This is beneficial to customers with high volumes of products.

If you own a website and insert a link to Pulse Print’s website, they will offer you up to 10% discount for all their prices.

Pulse Print does not mention other special offers on the website, but you can profit from the best price for a particular product, since the company will connect you to the right provider, able to offer the cheapest services at the quality level that you require.

Product Samples

Product samples may be obtained from the providers of the printed items, if you ask for them, but they are not expressly mentioned on the website of Pulse Print.


The website is simple, but effective. The main categories of products are mentioned on the main page, and they can be ordered by category or alphabetically, with a single click. How to order is the theme of another page, where the main steps of the procedure are explained in detail. A print blog is dedicated to topics of interest related to printing.

The contact page offers the information of the account managers, so that you can address your questions directly to them. A quote form is also present on this page, helping you to get information about a product not listed on the main page.

Website’s Ease of Use

The website of Pulse Print is made simple to serve the purpose it was created for. It is easy to find the product category that you are interested in with a simple search, and then select the specific product and get the information related to it. Ordering is also simple, because it is described in detail on the page dedicated to the ordering process.

For those products not found on the main page, you can fill your data in a special form and ask for a quote.

Customers’ reviews

Although many company websites abound in reviews written by their customers, this is not the case for Pulse Print. Customer reviews are usually included to increase the confidence level of potential clients of a company. They may be written by satisfied customers or may be created to seem that way. Many companies use reviews that are not emanating from real clients, in order to mention certain qualities that may not exist in reality. Pulse Print has chosen not to use such methods, because their reputation is notorious and their clients are satisfied with their services.


To conclude, using a print management service may seem a little daunting, but the fact is that both large companies and individuals try to save time and money by using the experience of professionals, and this seems to be a very efficient solution for them.

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