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Print Express Review

PrintExpress_logo Print Express is one of the few London printing companies that deliver a complete printing service, not only through business documents, personalized cards and posters, but also when it comes to the design of high quality, ingenious artwork for banners, flyers or business cards that can help you rethink your company image completely.

Product choice

Without a doubt, Print Express has grown and expanded considerably throughout the past 25 years since its inception, their large website providing numerous offers for a wide variety of different products and services, including:

  • Business documents, such as various presentations, official reports or newsletters;
  • Comprehensive, personalized design services for complete brand rethinking;
  • Numerous options for poster printing: canvas and outdoor posters, telescopic banner stands, gloss and deluxe matt posters, as well as many other varieties.
  • A wide range of colour printing products, including business cards, leaflets, letterheads and postcards;
  • Copying and duplicating services which can include anything from basic black and white copying to large scale CAD planning.
  • Inexpensive, environmental friendly recycled printing products, including different types of business cards, leaflets, flyers, folders and stationary packs.

Customization Options

The possibilities you have at your disposal for customizing Print Express products are virtually endless. For items such as postcards, brochures or business cards, you can choose between a wide variety of layouts, sizes and designs or upload your own. Also, you can select different types of paper to add a silky or glossy touch to your printed items.

Also, the company offers full design and artwork creation services that can be hired for special, unique projects, turning even the most original and complex vision into reality with the help of high end printing and design technology.

Template Choice

At Print Express, viewing and selecting specific templates for the items of your choice is an extremely straightforward option available on the official website.

Standard templates are provided by the service, and customers can choose to upload their own artwork as well. The templates provided by Print Express are also available in all standard sizes associated with the product you choose – for instance, A6-A3 for leaflets and large, A1 and A2 sizes for most posters.

Customer Service Test

Print Express has proven time and time again that the company is all about offering quick and reliable services. The benefits brought by their customer support and service are no exception to this.

You can either order online or call – with responses guaranteed in less than 10 minutes – and there is considerable information available on the official Print Express website under the “Support” section, explaining how the entire process works involving preparation, design, printing and delivery tasks. Also, there is a comprehensive FAQ section, and customers can choose to provide feedback via a separate form.

Reviews online

Reviewers usually have varying opinions about large companies offering a wide range of different services such as Print Express. The 25 year old company, however, has enjoyed a great amount of positive feedback recently, mainly due to their quick turnaround times which can be challenging to live up to in the busy London area.

Also, the company has received many 5-star ratings due to the quality of their services, made possible mainly by the high-tech printing technology and the numerous professional designers working for the company and specializing in a wide array of fields.


A detailed table shows the prices for each specific product you order, depending on size, quantity and particularized custom options. Sizes vary between 25 and 20,000 items that can be added to a single order, and the sizes will depend on the type of product bought.

Depending on whether you want to add or remove any specific features such as the printing being done on both sides, as well as the addition of creasing and folding, matt lamination or anything else supported for the product in question, the price will also fluctuate, and the entire pricing table will be modified so you can see precisely how the changes have affected the cost of each package.


The company provides fast turnaround times for shipping in the London area, as well as the rest of the country. You will get your order within 7 days or less (about 3 days for standard leaflets, flyers, letterheads or posters and 6 days for custom folders), and there is also an express shipping option, offering fast, 3 hour turnaround times for London and the M25 area.

While a fee will apply to the faster delivery options, standard shipping is free, and VAT may apply to some deliveries, such as large posters, while being removed from other products.

Special offers

Updates on time limited and long term Print Express special offers are conveniently presented on the website’s main page, and they can include anything from attractive discount offer for business cards to 50% off on your first order. Coupon codes are also available, and can be added to your order for further discounts.

Product Samples

Each product features a comprehensive number of samples that can easily be viewed on their respective description pages. About 5-8 samples are shown in a convenient gallery layout for each item in part.

You can also order a free sample pack by simply filling in a short form on the website, providing your company name and some personal information, such as your address, telephone number and email address.

Website’s ease of use

The website is extremely intuitive, dynamic, easy to use and quite fast. You can sail through all the different products and options without difficulty by accessing the dropdown menu as soon as you arrive on the website, and after finding your way to the product details/customization page, you can either check out in just a few moments or continue shopping by conveniently adding different items to your cart and viewing the total cost in the upper right hand corner.

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  • asl

    This company is a complete shambles. spent hours sending and confirming data for a brochure. Once complete I was advised by Mohammed Jawaad the catalogue could be complete in a few days. a few days later i was told that work had not even begun and would not start unless i paid £400 up front. Shambles! I missed 3 important sales meetings due to this failure in customer service.