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Poster Printing Basics

Whether you want to promote an event or to advertise certain services or products, you can always use a good poster printing service. It represents a great way to catch others’ attention and make your message seen.

The History of Poster Printing

Posters began to be printed in the nineteenth century, when they were used for announcements, advertising or political acknowledgement. They were displayed in public areas in order to draw the attention of passers-by. In time, this form of manifestation spread around the entire Europe. Its significance expanded to such an extent that in 1884, in Paris, it made the subject of an important exhibition.

Poster Printing Techniques

There are multiple methods of producing posters. They are mainly mass-produced, but they can be released in limited edition or drawn by hand as well. Basically, there are 2 types of prints:

  • Classic, where images are printed on a professional glossy paper;
  • 3D, using a lenticular layer and a plasticized coating of high clarity, that creates the illusion of depth and moving; it is strongly recommended not to roll them up, in order to maintain the tri-dimensional effect.

Types of Posters

With today’s technology, poster printing can be done in any size wanted. As far as the use is concerned, there are porters for:

  • Movies. The film industry uses heavily this cheap and easy way to sell its products, impressively coloured posters being displayed everywhere before the premiere night.
  • Concerts. When announcing a performance  in a certain city, every great artist has posters displayed in every corner of the street and in bus stations;
  • Bands or single artists. This kind of posters can be found in music magazines. They are collected by teenagers and used to decorate their rooms;
  • Commercials. Advertisers expose these on buildings, taxis or buses. They frequently use stickers in different sizes to match the shape of the doors or of the walls;
  • Timetables. Transportation companies use posters to display the schedule of trains, buses or ships at the entrance of the stations;
  • Politics. Political posters have a long history, which dates back to the First and Second World Wars. For example, they were used for recruiting soldiers or motivating women to work as healthcare nurses or in factories. Today, posters serve numerous propaganda purposes. They display encouraging messages, brave exclamations and motivational images in order to persuade people to follow the politicians’ beliefs.
  • Pin-up. Known as cheesecake posters, these pictures represent beautiful and attractive women in different postures.
  • Framed posters. They are mostly designed to decorate bars or restaurants, using comic book pictures, old photos or landscapes.

Poster Printing for Educational Purposes

Most educational organisations find that images are a wonderful opportunity to draw the children’s attention towards the harmful aspects of our lives. So, they turn to poster printing whenever they want to create collages for campaigns concerning smoking, drinking, drugs or family abuse. Some researchers say that an image is significantly more suggestive than a simple array of words.

Tips for a Remarkable Poster

If you decide to promote a service, a product or an event, poster printing is the right choice. In order to design an original, catchy poster, you must keep the following aspects in mind:

  • The message you want to send to the others has to be expressed according to the three S’s policy: simple, short and systematically conceived. It has to be easy to see, read and understand for everyone in order to reach its goal.
  • To highlight your point, you may choose a vivid graphic design, one that can definitely trigger a person’s interior emotions;
  • For a successfully promotion, you must display the poster in crowded areas where it can be admired by thousands of people;
  • The poster must be strategically placed, under the right light, so that it can be seen by everyone. For example, you can place it in restaurants, pubs, metro stations, and even in public toilets;
  • The images should absolutely match the writings, send the same message.

Quality Aspects

A part of a poster’s success is represented by the quality of the materials used when printing it, such as paper, ink and glue. You should choose them carefully, because they usually vary depending on whether the poster is for indoors or outdoors display and on the size it will have. Also, make sure that you order your poster in time, so that you can still make changes to it, if necessary.


If you want to express your ideas in a decent and elegant manner, no matter if we are talking about basic use products or luxury services, a reliable and professional poster printing service can help you reach out to several categories of people and tell your story in a way that appeals to them, and, why not, on a budget.

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