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Compliment Slip Printing

Online Compliment Slip Printing – What are the Advantages and How to Use It

Compliment slips are great, informal advertising materials that hold a lot of potential. These small strips of paper add a personal touch to formal business correspondence and they establish a positive attitude towards the company that is advertised on them.

These materials are called compliment slips because the sheets display not only the logo and the contact details of the company, but they also bear the inscription “with compliments” or “thank you” and they come with spaces left for jotting down a personal note or other important information quickly.

The Benefits of Using Compliment Slips

Compliment slips are great ways to express gratitude or just to say “Thank You” to your clients. They are also excellent ways to make a great first impression and obtain a communicative advantage you can capitalize on later. You can distribute the slips before an event where the participants will want to take notes, you can attach them to your invoices or to gifts.

These slips are also great ways to convey your message to your customers or partners as the small pieces of printed paper contain not only your logo and contact details, but they allow you to include whatever message you consider appropriate.

Compliment slips are used by the largest, most reputable companies in the world as a way to strengthen their image as trustworthy, reliable corporation that considers close customer relationship important.

The Benefits of Using an Online Printing Service to Create Your Compliment Slips

Compliment slips represent powerful, yet cost-efficient marketing tools, especially if you choose to get your materials printed online. As online design and printing is becoming more and more popular among companies, we would like to present a few aspects of creating and using this type of advertising material that will certainly raise your interest, too.

Quick Delivery

Most online printing companies that include compliment slip printing among their services offer quick delivery. If you are in a hurry and you need your materials yesterday because of an upcoming event you are organizing or participating in, you can choose one of the expedited services and get your materials delivered by next day for minimum extra charge.

If you have multiple locations, you can also have the slips delivered directly to your shops or warehouses in different cities directly from the print, saving time and transport costs for you.

Creating Your Own Design within Seconds

While online printing companies usually offer technical and creative support to make the most of your design ideas, many firms provide online tools that you can use for creating your own materials. These online tools require no specific knowledge of special graphic programs, and you can either create your own design from zero or you can use one of the hundreds of existing templates offered and customize them with the help of easy-to-use menus. Design options include layout, colour theme and fonts as well.

Varied Paper Options

Besides the colour theme and the font used, you can also choose the paper for the slip to be printed on. You can choose standard white or coloured papers, and you can have your materials printed on textured or on recycled paper as well. What type of paper would best fit you really depends on the image you have built (or plan to build) for your company and the message you want to convey.

Varied Size Options

These printed stationary materials carry the same design and colour theme as the other materials of the company such as business cards or letter heads, and they may vary in dimensions from sizing similar to business cards to larger versions, closer to the size of normal writing paper, but the standard size used by most companies is about 1/3 of an A4 sheet or a size that can be easily placed into an envelope, without needing multiple folds.

Compliments slips are varied, versatile and very efficient advertising tools. Besides providing accurate information about your company’s name, location and contact details, the slips can be used for putting your corporate message through and for grasping attention. As another great advantage, these slips are practical, allowing your partners to actually take notes on them and use them for storing information.

There are numerous online printing services across the UK that provide excellent compliment slip printing services. Some of them can take care of the entire design process for you, while others will help you design your own materials by putting user-friendly graphic design interfaces at your disposal through their websites. These materials are not only varied, but inexpensive as well, speaking volumes on your behalf without burdening your advertising budget. If created and printed wisely, they can really make a difference for your company image, which, eventually, will turn into loyal customers and bigger profits for you.

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