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Manor Printing Review

manorprinting-logoA nationwide printing service that has been around for more than four decades, Manor Printing  is one of the few UK based companies offering full printing, design and marketing support to both local and international companies.

Steadily growing throughout the past few years through their contact with numerous firms, the experts at Manor Printing  have managed to fashion what may be considered a literal “one-stop” service for all the products and services that growing businesses may need for their marketing plans.

Product Choice

Having expanded to numerous areas of practice, the company now offers a comprehensive array of products designed both for general and specific uses, depending on the requirements of the businesses and institutions they were made for.

Some of these include:

  • Standard or personalized, high quality registers fitted in a variety of sizes;
  • High quality bespoke work, including stationary printing and business forms;
  • Attractive looking brochures, leaflets, posters, folders and other items produced with the help of high end, large offset machines;
  • Anything from beautifully crafted yearbooks to catchy brochures designed for schools and colleges;
  • Pop-up banners and other portable displays.

One of the more special services of the company is the addition of a full marketing service meant to ensure that all their customers can end up putting their business cards, banners, posters or flyers to good use.

Manor Printing  also follows a commitment to eco friendly printing through reduced energy consumption and waste production, as well as the use of ECF or TCF paper and chemical-free printing plates.

Customization Options

One of the main reasons why purchases are not made directly online with Manor Printing  is that the company tailors its offers specifically according to the customers’ needs and instructions.

Clients can choose the type of product they want, as well as the size, quantity and various other details. They are also encouraged to provide their own artwork; however, the design services offered by Manor Printing  can provide custom made graphic designs and finishes readily available for their products, along with numerous other options geared toward full satisfaction.

Template Choice

Some of the special benefits and choices available for Manor Printing  templates may include:

  • The option of adapting templates to artwork and readymade PDFs provided by clients;
  • Full colour available for most of the templates;
  • More than 300 GSM gloss/silk for an enhanced visual effect;
  • A comprehensive number of choices for different sizes and depending on clients’ requests and the specific type of product being ordered.

Customer Service Test

The company’s customer service representatives are very eager and friendly, and they know precisely what topics to cover and what information to give you in order to get the full details of the project you need.

Also, when it comes to support or enquiries, you can contact the company through an easy to use contact form, as well as by fax, phone or even in person at their official Gloucester address – all contact details available on the official website.

Reviews Online

Generally, Manor Printing  reviews talk about a company that’s easy to work with and provides above average quality on most if not all their products.

Many business owners who have reviewed the company online also talk about their proficiency in delivering their work on time and the professional approach and conduct of the company which reflects its decades of experience in the printing industry.


Exact prices depend on the custom specifications requested by clients, and are only provided through free quotes; however these are easy to obtain with the help of the online contact form on the official Manor Printing  website.

Still, some of the special offers presented on the homepage of the site show clearly how their prices can easily be compared to some of the best on the market, with packages of thousands of leaflets or business cards provided well below 100 pounds.


Shipping related details and turnaround times are highly specific depending on the products and services you choose and whether or not you require Manor Printing  to provide the artwork.

One of the specific characteristic of the service is that VAT exemptions are usually not applicable – although in some cases, delivery is free within in the UK – and the company’s clients are required to pay the tax for most of the products they buy.

Special offers

Occasional special offers are showcased on the main page of the official Manor Printing  website. In most cases, these target specific products, but they can also be associated with diverse sets of items, mostly for business promotion.

Here are some of the things you can currently expect from these offers:

  • A start up package provided at less than 100 pounds, featuring products like compliment slips, business cards or letterheads;
  • Standard size business cards in affordable sets of 1,000, created in full colour with high end digital printing techniques.
  • 5000 one sided, A5 leaflets also provided at a price of about 100 pounds.

Product Samples

You can request product samples that are similar or even identical to the items you wish to order via the contact form on the website or by phone. A few pictures are usually provided, however, along with most of the special offers that the company provides from time to time, and can easily be accessed from the homepage.

Website’s Ease of Use

The Manor Printing  website is extremely simple and straightforward. Basically, to avoid any issues associated with dynamic online tools and ordering forms, the firm deals with each client in part, forming a stronger connection and handling each order as a unique, special request.

The site is easy to navigate, however, and each of the sections comes with a full, straightforward presentation that will give you a clear idea of the company’s services, goals and approaches, as well as other details that prospective clients may be interested in.


Customers who have worked with Manor Printing  in the past were extremely satisfied with the service – particularly when it came to having custom products and projects taken care of in a very short amount of time.

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