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How to Make a Business Card with Microsoft Word

Although simple, business cards are some of the most important marketing tools in your arsenal. Simple and effective, they help people memorize who you are and what you do. Your business card is the first thing that a potential client will remember after a first encounter, so having a design that reflects what you do is critical. Having an attractive and efficient business card will not only make a good impression on the ones receiving it, but also help you spread the word about who you are and what services you offer.

Although many people are reluctant to design their own business card, because they fear they don’t have the skills or knowledge necessary,there are tools that make this very easy. One of these tools is Microsoft Word, which can help anyone make a professional looking business card in just a few minutes. Designing a good looking business card doesn’t take as much of time and effort as people might think, especially when using programs such as Microsoft Word.

There are two methods of making business cards in Microsoft Word: you can either use a premade template, or you can create a new one from scratch.

Method One: Using one of the available Microsoft Word templates

Step One: Creating a new document

  • Opening a new document in Microsoft Word is very easy. Just go to the File menu, then click on New>Blank Document>Business Card>Print Business Cards. Wait a few moments until the list of templates is fully loaded.
  • You can use basic card templates, or choose others from the list.
  • If you want to use one of the online templates, make sure your Internet connection is active, as Word will connect to the online library of in order to download templates.
  • In order to open the document, you should click on your template’s thumbnail, and then on the Download button which can be located under the sidebar’s preview.
  • It’s most likely that Word won’t provide you with a business card template to perfectly suit your style and needs, but thankfully there are many options and features which allow you to modify and customize many aspects of the business card.


Step Two: Customizing information 

  • When using templates, you have the layout already set, so you don’t have a lot to do other than to click on the text areas and to add your own personal details instead of the default information.
  • Just highlight the placeholder text and replace it with your personal information.
  • Highlight all other areas such as email address, website or social media tags and replace them accordingly.
  • You can easily change the appearance of the text from the Font menu. In order to see the Font menu, just right click on any text area and then you’ll be able to edit details such as font, style and size.


Step Three: Adding a Logo

  • Making your business card personalized and memorable requires you to add your own logo. In order to do this, double click on the default logo and then click on Change Image. A browsing window will pop up, which will allow you to search through your folders. Once you’ve found your logo, select it and confirm.
  • It’s possible that you might have to re-size your logo in order to best fit the business card. In order to adjust its size, just move the mouse over the logo until the double sided arrow appears, and then click and drag. To change the logo’s position, click on it and drag it to the new location.
  • If moving the logo appears to be difficult, you should use Text Wrap panel in order to change how the text wraps around the image.
  • If you have a logo with transparent background, using Word’s Remove Background feature might help you solve the problem. However, it is recommended to try to use logos which don’t require tweaking in order to avoid unnecessary hassles.


Step Four: Editing different elements

Thanks to Word’s numerous features, you can customize many elements on the business card template.

If you want to change different aspects of elements contained in the document, you can easily do that by selecting them and by choosing outlines, fills and many other effects which can significantly alter their aspect. Try playing a bit with the Format menu, as you’ll find many interesting tools and features.

Step Five: Filling the sheet with business cards

Whenever opening business card templates, Word will fill the page with multiple business cards. This can help you print many business cards in one go, effectively saving you time.

Step Six: Saving your work

Once you are satisfied with the aspect of your business card, you should save it. Remember to save in .pdf file only when you’re ready to go to a printer, as you won’t be able to modify the document in this format. Also, keep a backup for the modifiable document, in case you want to tweak it in the future.

If you don’t want to use a premade template, and want to create your own, here is how you can do it.

Method Two: Creating your own template from scratch

Step One: Opening a new document

  • Go to the File menu and open a blank document. Next, you need to go to the Tools menu and select Labels.

Step Two: Setting a label

  • Once the Label tab pops up, select Options, and you will see a large list of templates. For convenience, choose the Avery standard label from the label products list, and then a number such as 5734 or 5735 from the product number list.


Step Three: Adding personal information

  • Next, you can enter your full name and address in the Address area. You can format the text by highlighting the text and clicking on the Font button inside the tab,which will allow you to change attributes such as font style, size or colour.
  • You can other elements such as logo, tagline, additional contact information or add other graphic elements and images.


Step Four: Saving your work and printing it

  • Once you’re finished with tweaking your document, save it in .pdf and either print it at home, or go to a professional printer if you want the business cards to have a more polished look.

No matter if you just need a few business cards on the spot, or you don’t want to pay a hefty fee in order to have one made by a professional designer, Microsoft Word offers you the possibility to create a personalized business card in just a few minutes. And you won’t have to sacrifice on quality because of this, since, although you’ll most likely be using premade templates, there are so many features and customization options, that your business card will still have a unique and professional look. And the more time you put into it, the better and more polished it will look.

With Microsoft Word, you can save a lot of time and money, being able to quickly personalize a template to your exact needs and preferences, and all that while still remaining confident that you’ve managed to create a custom card that not only contains the right information about who you are and what you offer, but will also fit your business style and your needs.

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