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How to Make a Business Card with CardWorks Software

The importance of making a good impression with your business cards

Although you might think that the digital age has reduced the importance of things such as business cards, you couldn’t be more wrong. It is true that, due to the increasing speed at which things take place, and the use of internet for business meetings and other important business related aspects, there are many traditional marketing methods which have lost their value. Fortunately, business cards aren’t one of them.

Despite the technological advancements and the increasing number of cyberspace meetings, nothing can compete with a face to face contact. No matter how many digital ways appear to facilitate businesses, direct marketing will always be the most effective method because of our need to communicate. Creating and designing your own business card is still the perfect way to introduce yourself and become noticed. There are numerous advantages to be had from using business cards, and people acknowledging their importance will come better off than others in the end.

Business card creation and design made easy thanks to CardWorks software

Thanks to using Cardworks software, designing your own printable business cards becomes a piece of cake. This efficient and easy to use software will allow you to create and print your own customized business cards, while offering you a wide range of templates to choose from. You will be able to further customize the template’s appearance, such as its colour scheme.

With a large and varied collection of business card templates, CardWorks will offer you the possibility to easily design your own business card so that it fits your business’ image, allowing you to offer customers and business associates easy access to your contact information. Another advantage of using CardWorks is the fact that you can download it for free on your home computer.

Here is a basic guide that to help you create and customize your own business card using this software application.

Step One: Creating a new file

  • Just start up the program, go to menu and click on Open New.
  • Once you have the new file created, a list of premade business cards templates will appear. You can browse through them until you find one that fits your company’s brand image and your business style.
  • You can also download some of the available free business card template designs from the manufacturer’s website.

Step Two: Selecting a business card template and changing its colour scheme

  • If you want to change the currently selected business card template, you can easily do so by clicking on the card template button which can be located at the top program interface.
  • After selecting the desired business card template, you can easily modify its colour scheme – all you have to do is to select a new colour from the pull-down menu.
  • Although the colour schemes give you no indication of the dominant colours of that particular scheme, browsing through them until you find one you like won’t take much of your time.


Step Three: Adding your own information details and editing

  • After you’ve finished with the selection of the business card template and have decided on its colour scheme, you can start to add personal contact information.
  • You can fill in the designated areas with what you want to be displayed on the business card, such as name, address and job position. There are other important pieces of information which you may add, such as a slogan, primary contact number, secondary contact number and website, and here you can also add a logo and other images and photos.
  • Although you can’t add custom information, the business card template offers you the possibility of using another contact field in order to add any other important details.
  • You can add a photo of your employee or your own, the picture formats supported being .jpg, .png, .gif, .tiff and .bmp.
  • You can also add a bleed to your templates, which will ensure that there will be no important information left out once the business card has been printed and cut.

Step Four: Saving Profiles

  • A handy feature provided by the CardWorks software is the possibility to save all information into profiles, which is a great way of having easy access to different sets of business cards.
  • By being able to save information in different profiles, you can create personalized business cards without having to add all the contact information every time you’re creating a different type of card, since clicking on a profile will automatically fill all the appropriate data.

Step Five: Configuring card size

  • Once you’ve finished with adding contact details and other visual elements, you have the option to configure the size of your business card according to specific areas.
  • There are currently three available card sizes: North America, East Asia and standard.
  • You also have the option of choosing if you want the business card to have just one side or if you want it with two sides

Step Six: Saving and printing business card templates

  • In order to have access to them later, you have the option to save them, or you can just print them straight away.
  • If you want to directly print the templates, click on the Print button and it will open a print review where you will be able to configure paper size and margins.
  • You have the option of printing with crop marks, so that you will be able to easily trim the business cards to the desired size.
  • You can export your project into a high resolution .pdf, which you can take to a professional printer for a more refined look.


A few things worth noting when creating your own business card:

  • It is important to keep the information simple and identifiable to your services, so that people can easily see who you are and what you do. Try to have a goal in mind when creating a business card.
  • Make sure you don’t leave out important information such as name, telephone number, email address and office address.
  • Although not mandatory, including a photo in your business card will make your face memorable, allowing the person who received the card to identify the situation in which it was given, also making your business card stand out from the rest.
  • You should try to use the back, as you’ll want to take advantage of the available space to the fullest.
  • Don’t sacrifice paper quality, and make sure you use the best you can afford, as the first impression counts the most when dealing with new people, and having a low quality paper might make you appear less professional. The feel of the card will also make it stand out.
If you want a business card created in a very short amount of time, or you just don’t want to pay to have a business card designed by a professional, then CardWorks business card software is a good solution. You can directly download it for free from the internet and make your own business card in just a few minutes. Being easy to use and with a wide selection of templates to choose from, it will allow you to create a customized business card that suits both your style and needs.

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