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Firstprint Review

firstprint-logo Firstprint is a leading printing company that meets the highest standards in the industry through the services it offers. With extended experience and high productivity, Firstprint is one of the most successful businesses of this kind in Europe.

Variety of Products

Firstprint offers a large choice of printed items, so that you can select the one or ones that you need. For instance, you can choose from a list including business cards, brochures, calendars, desk pads, compliment slips, door hangers, flyers, envelopes,  folders, magazines and catalogues, letterheads, note pads, posters, postcards, printing sheets, stamps, ring binders, stickers, or sticky notes. Notice that each one of these items can be printed on various types of paper, in multiple forms and sizes, and you just begin to imagine how complex the offer of Firstprint is.

Customization Options

Ordering a printed product includes customisation, and this means setting up a number of parameters that define the final look of that product. The ordering procedure lets you choose the size of your product, the single or double sided printing, the number of copies, the layout – landscape or portrait –, the colour mode, the type of paper or other material and its quality, the processing mode – for instance trimming, or trimming with rounded corners –, the refining mode – lamination, UV varnish, or embossing –, the type of perforation, if any required, and, eventually, the request of printed proofs, the type of delivery.

Template Choice

There is no template choice service as such, because you have to send your own design by e-mail, upload, or FTP-upload. When you send this file, you can select a BasicCheck service, which is free, or a PremiumCheck service, which includes error correction and will be charged extra.

Customer Service

When talking about customer service, we have to mention that Firstprint has set up several lines of contact meant to improve the clients’ experience. You can use the ServiceFreeCall to address any question related to any product and then wait for the answer. It is also possible to call back any order by using the ServiceCallback option.

The ServiceFreeChat allows you to start a chat session with one of the Firstprint operators. The ServiceHelpCenter gives you information about any major topic related to printing. You can choose from a long list of topics and get a detailed explanation of that topic.


Pricing is progressive, but not proportional with the number of copies, because the more this number grows, the smaller the price per copy is, for most of the products. This is normal for conventional printing machines, where the pre-printing phase consists of preparing the machine – loading and adjusting the master plates, loading the ink etc. The costs associated to this phase are somehow the same, no matter if you print 100 or 10,000 copies. This is why printing more copies leads to a smaller price per copy than when you print fewer copies.


You can have your printed products shipped at any address in the United Kingdom in three ways: by standard delivery, express delivery, and priority delivery, the time being the shortest for the priority delivery, usually one day. The cost of the delivery is included in the price of the product.

Special Offers

You can get a bonus by simply requesting a recommendation link and sending it to your friends. You will get a bonus credit worth £1.70 for any initial order that is placed through this recommendation link.

Some special offers are announced on the website, such as, for example, 250 free business cards, or 10% off the price of no matter what quantity and sort of notepad.

You can become a reseller by using the Firstprint kit and earn money with each product sold, without needing to invest anything. They will handle the production and shipment and will take care of the payment process, automatically transferring your proceeds to your account.

You can also use their kit system and create your own web-to-print business, where you can set your own prices. Shipping and payment are also taken care of by Firstprint.

Product Samples

On the website, there is no mention about giving away free samples, but you can call the service department free of charge and talk to them about your request for free samples of products belonging to a certain category. Sample copies can also be obtained when ordering a product. They are charged a certain amount, depending on their number.


Fristprint’s website is an example of simplicity and effectiveness at the same time. There is no useless information to make your search difficult. The website contains strictly the data you need to place an order after choosing all the parameters that better define your product.

Website’s Ease of Use

Thanks to its simplicity and good structuring, the navigation through the pages of the website is extremely easy and logical. You do not need to guess where a piece of information could be found, because it is placed right where you could need it.

Customers’ Reviews

Firstprint is highly interested in its clients’ opinions. The objective is to rock bottom prices, so that the customers be even more satisfied. Firstprint calls this phenomenon “The spiral of efficiency”.

Therefore, they have a special section on their website, where you can express your feelings about the services of the company. Your opinion is important, because it can support the management of the printing company in acquiring new clients and, this way, continuing to cut down prices.

The customers outline the accurate and fast service that allows a client to check an order before printing it. Others appreciate the opportunity to talk to specialists on the phone and solve any issue in a short time. They also mention the good quality of the products, fair prices and prompt delivery.

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