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Claro Print Review

Claro Print logoAs the prices for high quality printing services is on the rise, very few companies are bold enough to make lasting changes in their endeavor to present their potential clients with improved offers.

Claroprint, one of the UK’s oldest and most reputable providers of printed booklets, notepads, NCR books and much more, has recently began to update their approach, complying with the latest standards on the online market.

Product Choice

Claro Print boasts a large assortment of high quality printable products, including:

  • Low-cost letterheads available in both single and double format;
  • Three different pricing offers for attractive looking business cards to fit every budget;
  • Graphically enhanced compliment slips starting at prices of below 60 pounds per package;
  • Roll-up and vinyl banners provided for both indoor and outdoor use;
  • Catchy, professional looking flyers, available in 3 different sizes (A6-A4);
  • High quality, high resolution posters available in all large sizes, including A1.
  • Affordable stapled booklets and note pads;
  • Folded leaflets in a variety of styles and shapes, from 1/3 A4 to long, A5 folded leaflets.
  • NCR sets, pads and books for all your business needs.

Customization Options

Each of the products offered by the company are provided for varying prices depending on the size, level of detail or quantity that buyers choose to set for themselves.

The minimum and maximum amount for an order is 250-5000, and many of the printed items have specific customizable characteristics. For example, while the size matters a great deal for flyers, leaflets or booklets, the offers for business cards and letterheads change depending on the type or the choice for quality.

Template Choice

While the business cards, letterheads and booklets are generally standard in terms of shape and size, there are a few products, such as the posters or note pad printing templates that are fitted with original designs and layouts.

The most diverse and unique template choices are the ones associated with the Claro Print folded leaflets which are provided in 4 different formats: A5 regular leaflets (measuring 210×148 mm) A5 long leaflets (about 297x105mm) and two different types of A4 leaflet templates.

Customer Service Test

Claro Print is among the few companies in the printing industry which are dedicated to offer their clients as many options for stating their queries, requests or feedback responses as possible. This is already visible as you visit the company’s contact and quotation pages, where detailed forms are provided for potential or existing clients to conveniently contact the company via the internet.

Specialists with more than 40 years of experience in this line of work provide timely answers to queries regarding anything from pricing and the details of the design and printing processes to ordering, shipping and tax related issues.

Reviews Online

Online feedback is available both from businesses and regular individuals who have used the service in the past. The quality and professional layout of the design, the cheap and flexible pricing options and the timely deliveries are generally among the first places on the list of qualities that people have pointed out regarding Claroprint’s services.

Very few complaints have been registered, usually having to do the slight unresponsiveness of the company website.


Even though Claro Print offers a large number of quality items, their prices are still kept at a highly competitive rate, with steep discounts available for customers who decide to buy a greater amount.

As such, cost of buying a set of no less than 5,000 Claro Print stapled booklets offers a rate of far fewer pounds per booklet than if you buy, for instance, only 500 pieces. Also, the price for quality single headed letterheads is extremely affordable, starting at less than 50 pounds for 250 quality items.


When it comes to shipping, the normal lead time for Claro Print items is generally 7 days. Express shipping is also available at a slightly higher fee, but it allows you to reduce that amount by more than 4 days.

According to those who have bought Claro Print products in the past, the packages generally arrive in prime condition and on time, while shipping is VAT free for most of the items on the website, although, the company did specify that anyone who is unsure of VAT related details, should contact them without hesitation.

Special Offers

Many of the offers provided by Claro Print are provided at sale prices, offering the same, high quality at a considerably reduced cost. Some of these include:

  • The A5 glossy paper folded leaflets – more than 30% cheaper than their matt paper counterparts;
  • The single sided A4 letterheads – at a starting price of below 50 pounds;
  • The Claro Print notepads which are provided in exchange for one of the best discount prices on the entire website.

Product Samples

As you browse through Claroprint’s official site, you will find templates presented for all the products that the company has to offer.

The detail of the various designs and the clarity of the printed words and images can best be seen on the smallest items provided for sale – the Claro Print business cards. As you zoom in on the picture, the professional quality of the beautifully crafted design, the provided paper and that of the high end printing technology the company uses can be seen quite clearly.

Website’s Ease of Use

The official website of the company,, draws frequent visitors not only as a result of the company’s overall success, but also through its well crafted design and layout which make it easy for people to browse through the information and services presented on the various pages.

While there have been a few reports of the site being slow to load on occasion, the dynamic menu provides a handy list of all the products offered by Claro Print, and the simple, easy to use shopping cart allows visitors to order any of the available packages in no time at all.

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