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Circle Services Review

circle-services-logo Available as a top class printing service for more than 60 years, Circle Services is a company that has gathered a significant amount of popularity over the years, gradually adapting from methods used in past decades to the newest web based solutions, printing technologies and design techniques to offer exemplary quality and affordable, nationwide supply for all their printed products.

Product choice

The company’s reputation continues to grow with the delivery of new and improved products and a growing range of customization options. Following are a few of the most important details regarding the professional printing solutions offered by Circle Services:

  • Affordable leaflets and flyers starting from prices well below 50 pounds and a wide array of professionally looking brochures printed on high quality paper;
  • Large and small business card packages with beautiful artwork crafted by Circle Services, available at top prices of less than 250 pounds for a set of 20,000.
  • In house printed postcards with artwork tailored to customers’ specifications, provided in 3 different sizes (A7-A5) with sets of up to 50,000 available for A5 sizes.
  • A4 letterheads, DL compliment slip printing available at starting prices lower than 100 pounds and quality advertising posters provided in four different sizes (A4 to A1).

Customization options

Apart from the fact that you can choose the type, size and quantity of the package you want to order, Circle Services makes it easy to completely personalize your order by adding your own artwork and altering the details required by the checkout steps.

An entire section of the website deals with providing highly specific instructions to clients who would like to submit their own artwork. This is an excellent benefit, since it ensures that the professional printing quality supplied by Circle Services will stay the same.

Template choice

A simple template can be ordered by checking out after having added the product of your choice to the shopping basket. Should you require a more comprehensive design solution, however, the design experts from Circle Services can also provide you with a comprehensive free quote on the specific solutions you have in mind.

Customer service

The company can be contacted in person, by phone and email and through a convenient contact form – all neatly presented on the official website. Live online support is also available for those who need the fastest answers to their queries, and most people who have had unresolved issues regarding their chosen products and orders consider that their customer service was responsive, professional and highly efficient.

Reviews online

Most online reviews speak very highly of the service, mentioning that the quality of their printed products and their attention to detail is just as efficient as the well-known, fast turnaround times they offer.

With the benefit of free deliveries on all products, the ability to choose custom designs and the large number of available products made to be used successfully by businesses it is easy to see why some reviewers have pointed out that there is very little more they could ask from a professional printing service.


All prices are available on the company’s official website,, along with the full descriptions and delivery related details, as well as the changes involved with printing specifications – such as how many items or pages you need or whether you might require two sided printing.

Also, an important benefit to note about the prices of most of the Circle Services products available for purchase is that the more you buy, the lower the price will be per individual item. So, while a set of 25 business cards may cost about 25-30 pounds, selecting a 250 business card set (which “should” normally cost 250 pounds) will be available somewhere around 50 pounds.


With the exception of Channel Island, Northern Island and parts of the Highlands of Scotland which may require an added day or two, Circle Services has been known to offer extremely fast turnarounds on all their deliveries.

Here are just a few of the shipping and delivery related advantages that people using Circle Services can benefit from:

  • Fast, 48 hour turnarounds for most printing services, with the exception of brochures, menus and items requiring additional folding.
  • If you require the fastest possible services, the company can finish some orders even under 24 hours.
  • All delivery services within the UK are completely free of charge.

Special offers

Some of the main special offers provided by the service are the Midweek Madness discounts, applying to business cards, leaflets and flyers. Reduced rates are offered as a result of the increased amount of requests batched together during the middle of the week which allows the company to save a considerable amount of money and effort.

Circle services also provides special environmental friendly offers designed to minimize the harmful impact that certain materials have on the ecosystem through the use of eco-friendly alternatives.

Product Samples

The website offers a few sample pictures for the design of each of the products available for purchase. There is little focus on this, however, since the company encourages customers to either select one of their readymade templates during the checkout process, provide their own artwork or discuss the creation of unique, new designs with Circle Services experts.

Website’s ease of use

The website is very easy to use, providing a short presentation of each of the product categories and specific products, while conveniently showing all the details regarding the design, ordering and delivery processes.

Ordering a product online is extremely easy: you simply have to visit the pricing and description page of the product, select the amount, size, finish and any other customization options that may apply and click on the “add to basket” button. After that, you are free to continue shopping or to complete the checkout details if you are done.

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