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Booklet Printing – The Right Solution for Your Business

Countless companies choose booklet printing for sharing their business information with potential customers or for revealing the strong points of their latest products releases.

Booklet Printing for Marketing Campaigns

Booklets are highly used for marketing presentations. They offer the perfect format and they represent a low cost opportunity to make available a high volume of information in an effective manner. When you are creating the booklets for your promotional campaign, you have to take into account the following aspects:
  • Design details, such as colours, graphics, pictures and margins for bindings – These may vary, depending on your taste and available budget;
  • The cover of the booklet must speak for itself. This is the first part clients say and the one that can make a strong impression. It should be attractive and noticeable, introduce the viewers and readers to the products it the booklet refers to. The cover should match the image of the company and include a motto that suggests all the values, fine taste and confidence that you wish to inspire to your clients.
  • Speaking of the motto, it should be concise, clear and easy to understand. It is advisable to create a contrast between the background and font with which the motto is written. It will be easier to read and understand and will not look boring either. A brief and suggestive message will remain imprinted in the memory of your clients, convincing them to give your products a try.
  • The usual sizes for booklet printing are the larger format of 8.8 x 11 inches and the handy format of 5.5 x 8.5 inches. If you are not pleased with these sizes, you can always be original and go for a custom size and shape.
  • When it comes to paper quality, a wise suggestion is the type of paper used for magazines or photos, as its glossy coating makes it more pleasant to touch and the quality of the printed text or images is higher.
  • The final and most important part is choosing the right booklet printing service. The final product should be manageable, lightweight and catchy, which means that the printing company should use high end technology and offer impeccable client service, they should understand your ideas and imprint them on paper in the most attractive way possible, for an affordable price.

What Is Booklet Printing Good for?

  • Sales catalogues – This is a great way for small or large businesses to provide helpful information about their services, attract clients and boost sales.
  • Event program – This type of booklet is being used in theatres, conferences or congresses. It contains details, timetables, locations and a short introduction to the purpose of the event.
  • Reference material – It provides the brief information about a manual, for example.
  • Entertaining pamphlets or comic books – Short story writers often choose to print their work in this format because it is very handy and easy to carry in one’s handbag.
  • Promotional or informative guides – For instance, many people are interested in instructional tutorials, such as: “How to…”, “The Right Steps for…”or “The Basics in…” These are the product of professional booklet printing services, just like touristic booklets.
  • Cartoons – They are trendy for grownups and entertaining for the little ones.
  • Children books – The booklets in this category contain fun pictures, colouring pages and activity sheets where boys and girls can practice their drawing, colouring and painting talents.
  • Inspirational booklets – These are found most of the time in churches and contain motivational speeches or self-improvement messages. Many fitness and beauty centres have adhered to this format in their attempt to reach out to the public and teach the principles of a healthy life and a beautiful body.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Booklet Printing

First, you should prepare a draft, just to see how the booklet would look like. This way, you can decide for the most suitable size and design.

Secondly, use recycled paper. More and more people seem to turn their attention towards the environment, and many of them will appreciate your concern.

Stand out from your competitors: use unique and outstanding pictures, short and impressive messages. Choose your fonts and styles carefully to increase the emotional effect of your writings. It is very important to have high quality content. If you are short of ideas, it is better to turn to a professional than settle with half measures.

Last, but not the least, make sure your booklets reach your target clients by distributing them with the local newspaper, a magazine in the same field or directly in people’s mailboxes.  This is a useful way of advertising, and it is not too expensive either.


A well-designed and impeccably printed booklet will certainly influence your customers’ opinion about your products and services. You just have to choose your service provider carefully, to make sure that you benefit from professional, high quality booklet printing, without overpaying for it.

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