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Aura Print Review

aura-print-logo Aura Print is a reputed printing company with wide experience in the field, covering more than 16 years of quality services. Specialised in full colour digital, large format, and lithographic printing, the company provides high quality services to clients in the Huddersfield area and not only. Small and medium enterprises, universities or households have all benefitted from the exceptional services of Aura Print, ranging from artwork designs to high quality finished prints.

A Wide Variety of Services Offered

Aura Print offers printing services for a wide range of products, such as brochures, calendars, leaflets, flyers, folders, business cards, posters, banners, stickers, menus, letterheads, NCR pads, desk pads and stretch canvases, but also pop up and roll up banner stands. Most of these products are printed with either digital or lithographic equipment, depending on the client’s choice and, also, on the quantity required.

Customization Options

Any customer coming to Aura Print has the opportunity to request customisation for any product in the categories available. It is up to the client to choose certain colours, formats, types of paper or banner material, certain options for finishing, single or double sided printing, and the number of copies.

Templates Choice

The specialists at Aura Print offer several design options to their customers, so that they can choose the template that is the closest to their mental idea of how the finished product should look like. The designers of the company strive to fully comply with the requirements of their clients and also present their own ideas to them, so that the final product may combine all the required features and also meet the standards imposed for the selected printing method and materials.

In order to ensure a better setup of the files supplied for printing, the company provides a template area on the website, where information like bleed, resolution and size can be included, in order to ensure the optimum quality of the printed materials.

Customer Service

The way from the initial concept to the finished product is long and difficult, but the artists at Aura Print know how to make this journey as smooth as possible and offer the maximum of satisfaction to their clients. No effort is spared when it comes to making the final product look exactly like the customer imagined it, catchy and fully functional.


The price is one of the most important and restrictive characteristics of a product. This is the reason why the company has adopted a price policy meant to encourage the customers to come back again and order more products. For example, the same product has a cheaper price per copy when 500 copies are ordered, instead of 100. The client is stimulated to order more, if a larger quantity is useful, in order to benefit from a better price.


Shipping is another element that has the power to influence the reputation of a printing company. Aura Print is able to deliver products printed digitally within two working days from the day when the design became final. Lithographic printing may be delivered after nine working days, because orders including a large number of copies and special formats are printed this way, and this method also requires a longer period to prepare the printing process. Once the products are printed, they are delivered to the clients’ door.

Special Offers

In order to entice their loyal customers and attract new ones, the company offers monthly special voucher codes meant to reduce the price of printing. These offers are intended to provide high quality printed products at amazingly low prices. Two products are selected every month for such promotional offers. Clients only have to check the company’s website and retrieve the two printing discount codes. The company also encourages its clients to post reviews on the website and be rewarded £5 credit off their next order.

Product Samples

When customers order a specific product, the printing company shows them samples from previously managed similar projects, just to give them an idea of how the finished product looks like. Of course, there are specific design elements that cannot be reproduced from one order to another. After finishing the design phase, the layouts of the products will be presented to the customers for the final approval. Screen proofs are offered free of charge, but if the clients prefer to see a physical representation of the printed products, they will receive samples that they have to pay for.

Website Organization and Ease of Use

Aura Print has a very well organised website, structured to offer a maximum of information to any visitor, in the shortest time. Some sections offer general information about the company and its policy related to customers, while others describe the types of products that can be ordered.

A section dedicated to special offers explains how the customers can get discounts on the prices of certain products. There is also a section dedicated to customer reviews and one providing the company’s contact data.

Browsing and using the Aura Print’s website is extremely easy, because the information is structured in a logical manner, without cascading menus that would make the access to certain data difficult.

The tabs describing different categories of products are placed on the left side of the site, and they allow the user to customise almost every product, in terms of printing parameters that are required to establish the features of the final product. The prices for several numbers of copies are also listed, and a calculator provides an easy-to-use tool for the client to know exactly the cost of the order, as well as the delivery time.

Customers’ Reviews

The customers’ review section of the website includes posts of business owners and individuals who have enjoyed working with Aura Print. They outline the competitive prices, the quality of the finished products, the professionalism of the employees and their readiness to help, which represent the elements that make the cooperation with the printing company a real pleasure.

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