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All about Flyer Printing

A flyer is a form of advertisement on paper, which is usually distributed in public places and malls. Many businesses, organizations and individuals use this form of advertisement regularly, since it is inexpensive and quite effective. The main uses of flyers are:

    • The promotion of services or goods, such as night clubs, schools and restaurants.
    • Sending a political, religious or social message to people, mostly from candidates and political parties.
    • Recruiting members.
    • Advertising events, such as concerts, festivals, political rallies and nightclub appearances.

The main advantage of flyers is that they are a low cost method of communication and mass marketing, similar to pamphlets, postcards and posters. The 3 different formats in which flyers are printed are:

  • A4 which is roughly around letterhead size.
  • A5 which is around half letterhead size.
  • A6 which is the same size as a postcard.

Even in this digital world, businesses and organizations prefer advertisement through flyers, simply because they have proven over time to give great results in marketing products and services. The fact that flyer printing costs little money in comparison to other more expensive advertisement means is beneficial to businesses  that seek low budget advertising options.

Different Types of Flyers

When it comes to making flyers, it is always wise to take stock of all the considerations such as the type of flyer to be used for advertisement purpose sought through the flyer distribution. A proper analysis before flyer printing will allow you to find the appropriate type of flyer for your marketing campaign.

There are two different types of flyers basically:

Business Flyers

Business flyers, also known as professional flyers provide detailed information about the products and services of the company. They are used for promoting the company to the audience, so that people can have a fair idea about the organization.

Club Flyers

Club flyers are used for promotional purposes, mainly for events, concerts, live theatre or a club opening. They are usually colorful and eye catching to catch people’s attention. Vivid colors and high resolution pictures are usually a part of club flyers to accentuate the appeal to the targeted audience.

A6 Flyer Printing

Most businesses today use A6 flyers for their marketing campaigns, since the design of the A6 flyer is one that grabs attention instantly. Flyers are handed out at bus stops, train stations, and are even posted in newspapers. The main focus of a flyer is to grab attention of the person at first glance, since no one will bother looking at something which they think is not interesting to look at.

A5 Flyer Printing

A5 flyers have been one of the most successful and effective marketing techniques used by businesses over the years. The main reason behind its success is the way it is distributed and promoted by businesses that use them to persuade people into buying a product or service.

A5 flyer printing deals directly with customers, which means that organizations should identify specific areas where there will be more demand for their products and start distributing A5 flyers over there.

Its cost effectiveness and success ratio in combination with a nicely thought out marketing strategy are the prime reason behind its success.

A4 Flyer Printing

A4 flyer printing has been one of the most popular choices amongst people, for marketing and promoting their businesses and/or products. It is not only low cost, but very effective in marketing.

The design and printing of the A4 flyer is a standout, no wonder many businesses today prefer marketing their products and services using A4 flyers.

A Suitable Cost for a Flyer Compared to its Size

The cost of a flyer depends on many things. First and the foremost is the format in which the flyer is being printed. The three sizes are A4 flyers, A5 flyers, and A6 flyers, along with the words, and content printed on the flyer. Businesses bear in mind that a person will only take about 3 seconds to make up their mind, when they look at a flyer, and if it grabs their attention they will read it.

The cost is based on the type of the flyer, such as

    • Single sided
    • Double sided
    • Folded flyers (1fold)

Tips for Designing Flyers

Flyer printing is an easy and inexpensive way to market your products to your audience, but there are certain things which you should keep in mind when designing a flyer. The following tips will help you design an effective flyer for your business:

    • Simple Fonts and Easy Language
    • Visually Appealing Flyer
    • Simple Layout of the Flyer
    • Grab the Attention with Pictures
    • Has an Interesting Punch line
    • Make a Call to Action

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